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Let's Get Running!

Hey Railroad Followers,

What’s going on?! We’ve been logging some awesome miles over here, and we hope you have too! We will admit though, that New Year’s motivation has started to wane as we trot our way into February...luckily we’ve got some killer races coming up to keep us on track with our training (haha, see what we did there). Alright, enough of the puns, let's get down to business. Races—they are a great way to get an exact time for your runs, set personal bests, and connect with the surrounding running community. Plus, who doesn’t love a shiny new medal to brag to all your co-workers with?!? We’ve compiled a list of the upcoming Greenville/Upstate races. This list is not comprehensive. It is merely the “bigger” races in the area through the end of March, and ones we hope to see you at! That being said, here’s the list:

February 8th- Green Valley Road Race, 10M and 5M, Travelers Rest

February 15th- Prisoner of War Ultra, 24H and 50K Trail Run, Spartanburg

February 16th- Prisoner of War Ultra, 25K and 7.5 M Trail Run, Spartanburg

February 29th- Prisma Health Half Marathon- 13.1 M and 5K, Greenville

March 7th- Crush Cancer 5K, 5K, Simpsonville

March 7th- Foothills 50K, 50K trail run, Pickens

March 8th- Bear Crawl 25K, 25K, Pickens

March 14th - St. Patty’s Day- there are tons of races today—check your town for the closest road race!

March 21st- A Hero’s 5K, kids race, Greenville SC

March 21st- Earth Run Cross Country 5K, 5K trail run, Spartanburg

March 21st and 22nd- Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon at the Biltmore, 13.1 and 26.1, Asheville, NC

March 28th- Running for the Good at Harness, 10M, 5K, Greenville

Are you going to be at any of these races? If so, give us a shout on Instagram or reply right back to this post—we would love to connect with you before, during, or after the race!! All right guys, go hit the pavement!

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