Head Coach

Hayden brings 9 years of Athletics coaching experience, including 5 years of NCAA D1 XC/TF experience to the table. 

His focus is always on keeping training simple, embodying the "Railroad" philosophy by knowing where you're heading, but focusing on getting there one step at a time.

Hayden claims Kevin Jermyn, Rita Gary, and Mike Smith as his biggest influencers in coaching.  Therefore, Hayden's focus is on building a strong relationship with each athlete while recognizing that who, and how, an athlete is off the track is much more important than any race or result.

Hayden has held coaching positions at Elon University, Chattahoochee High School, Furman Running Club, and C.C.R.C. During that time he's worked directly with two Team USA distance coaches: Kevin Jermyn and Robert Gary, the latter of whom is also a 2x Olympian. He's also coached with (and was coached by) GA High School Coach of the year, Mike Morris.

While an athlete, Hayden trained with a host of top U.S. athletes, including Allie Buchalski of Brooks Beasts, Frank Lara of Roots Running, and Gabbi Jennings of Team Boss. His goal with Railroad is to take the same principles that helped those elite athletes succeed and apply it to athletes at all levels seeking to improve.



Assistant Coach & Chief Operations Officer

If Hayden is the conductor of Railroad, Mark is the engineer. 

Mark keeps the Railroad Athletics train moving forward with steadiness and consistency. From taking care of every athlete's onboarding process to filing Railroad's taxes, Mark is an expert in the details that make everything else possible.

Mark also brings a deep understanding of the athlete experience and a passion for providing knowledge and expertise to athletes of all levels. An Ohio high school standout, Mark went on to compete in both Division I for Furman University and Division II with Walsh University. While he no longer competes, he still runs a silly amount of miles a week and finds immense solace in the flow state of a run.



Media Associate

Think we look fast? Thank Pierce.

Pierce's eye and photography abilities have done a spectacular job making our athletes look like the badasses they are. The only thing better than his eye for the shot is his passion for running.

An XC/TF athlete himself, Pierce gets that, sometimes (ok, most of the time), running isn't that pretty. But there's nothing quite like that perfect shot after an athlete crushes their goal. Pierce makes that shot happen time and time again.

If you like Pierce's work, he also freelances. Based out of Austin, TX, check him out @piercebtownsend or @pbtdesigns