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Lauren Ohler: Railroad October Athlete Spotlight

By: Nina Corso, Student Intern

Lauren has been a part of the running community since middle school. Before joining Railroad, she pursued a running career throughout high school which led her to running at The University of Texas with Texas Running Club. “They have fostered a really supportive and very welcoming environment and it is honestly the reason I continued to run,” Lauren explains.

However, she realized that she wanted to be more competitive in the sport, "I wanted to find a program or team to help train me and push me to be the best I can be." Lauren soon found the team she had been looking for: Railroad Athletics.

The team has been a "really great experience," Lauren says. While Lauren really enjoyed team workouts, many team members moved away, but she has been able to excel as she has become more used to training on her own. Learning to love to push her limits through more independent workouts,

Lauren explains, "the coaching support is always present and Hayden is really involved and incredibly knowledgeable," which has served as an important role in allowing her to continue to succeed in her running.

After a year with Railroad, Lauren hopes to continue to excel both individually and with the team. Her favorite race is the Houston Half marathon which she's run 6 times since high school. Dominating the 13.1 miles, Lauren explains, "it's a good course, flat and fast, and I just love that longer distance.”

11/13 Update: Lauren finished her fall season with a 7th place finish at NIRCA XC Nationals with her best race yet! Wow!

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1 Comment

Hayden Cox
Hayden Cox
Nov 13, 2023

Love working with Lauren, one of the most hardworking and passionate athletes I coach!

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