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Athlete Spotlight- Meet Price

At first glance, Price’s easy-going smile and unassuming nature don’t give away the status he holds within the Furman Running Community.

While he studies Politics & International Affairs in the classroom, outside of the academic setting, Price is known for being an incredible athlete. He is a double threat of speed and endurance; however, he is also very literally a double threat in another area—the Duathlon.

Price will be competing in the Duathlon World Championships in the Netherlands this September. He qualified for the event after placing second in his age group at the 2019 Duathlon National Championships in Greenville, SC this past April. Though he was a newcomer onto the Duathlon stage, his inexperience didn’t deter him from entering the event.

After all, most of his career had been focused on running, so that event was familiar. For the biking aspect, he simply adjusted his training. He said, “I was in good shape before from running, I just had to focus on biking and running back to back.” With some help from his uncle, he designed a balanced training plan designed to mimic the unique format of the sport.

His weeks of nuanced training paid off, and Price found himself with a bid to the upcoming World Championships.

In terms of preparation for the upcoming event, balancing school with workouts has been difficult. While Price isn’t training at the volume he would like, he hopes to have more flexibility this summer. He will be living in Greenville conducting research and will have more time to dedicate to training before traveling to compete in Almere this fall.

Despite his packed schedule, meeting his sleep, nutrition, and exercise goals are of top priority for Price. “I don’t really compromise on those,” he notes, and for good reason. The impact sleep and nutrition have on recovery is not to be underestimated for any athlete, especially one looking to make his mark on the world stage! We are so excited to follow Price, his training, and his performance in the Netherlands in September. Railroad is proud to know him. #AllAboard

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