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Bronze - Marathon Level 3

Bronze - Marathon Level 3

Courtney Kitchen's Marathon Training Plan - Level 3

Marathon Level 3 is for you if:

  • You consider yourself an advanced runner.

  • You have completed at least one marathon & are looking to elevate your training and run a personal best time.

  • You have ~3+ years of experience running consistently & are already comfortable running 16-18+ mile long runs in training.

  • You are comfortable running 45-65 miles/week. 

  • You have extensive experience with speed, interval, tempo, etc. workouts.


This Training Plan Includes:

  • 20-week plan to prepare for a marathon, including a base building phase, speed building phase, marathon specific phase & taper phase

  • Starts at ~36 miles/week & gradually increases to ~65 miles/week.

  • 6 total runs/week

  • 1-2 speed/interval workouts/week or 1 speed/interval workout + 1 long run workout.

  • Detailed notes explaining how to execute runs properly.

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