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Silver - 20 Weeks ($90/month)

Silver - 20 Weeks ($90/month)

*Recommended for Marathon preparation or experienced athletes training for all distances


For you if you are:

  • Not ready to commit to 1:1 coaching but still want a training plan 100% customized to YOU & your individual needs, experience, & goals.

  • Have a race of any distance coming up & want to elevate your training with a personalized training plan that is a step above (or should I say, many steps above) a free online generic online plan.


What you get:

  • Introductory phone call/personal consultation with Coach Courtney to discuss running background, individual needs & goals.

  • 100% personalized training plan customized to meet your unique needs, schedule, experience & goals.

  • Detailed notes on how to properly execute your workout, including pace ranges for every run.

  • One complimentary “pick my brain” session. (link to page)


How it works:

  • Once purchased, you will receive a PDF download linking to an athlete questionnaire to collect information on your running experience, current training status, fitness level, & goals/races, as well as a link to schedule your introductory phone call (via Calendly).

  • Coach Courtney will spend the next 1-2 weeks creating your custom plan & then send you your training plan!



100% personalized training plan for YOU & only you. Your plan is created by Coach Courtney tailored to your individual experience, needs & goals. There are no duplicate training plans!



You will have an introductory phone call/personal consultation to help Courtney create your custom training plan. After receival of your training plan, phone calls/emails/messaging are not included. You do receive one complimentary “pick my brain” session & can always purchase additional 30/60 sessions. If you’re looking for a more intimate coaching experience, consider the Gold 1:1 coaching package.


* Note this is a digital product, all sales are final.

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