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Assistant Coach

Courtney’s coaching philosophy can be broken down into three major beliefs:

  1. Enjoy the process first and the results will come.

  2. Take the work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

  3. Whatever you can accomplish alone, you can accomplish more with others.


Courtney believes that all runners, regardless of their pace, are united by the pursuit of our best self. Her favorite aspect of coaching is helping athletes discover they are capable of more than they’ve imagined. 


She offers three “levels” of coaching, depending on your commitment level and budget.


Bronze: Ideal for new athletes, these pre-written plans are designed to help newer runners test the waters of training through affordable, long-term training plans.


Silver: Ideal for busy athletes with a lot on their plate, Silver plans start w/ a questionnaire and introductory call, then result in a custom-built training plan written specifically for your schedule and goal.


Gold: Ideal for highly committed athletes, Gold coaching provides athletes with D1-level attention and constant communication without the NCAA pressure. Selected athletes will join the Railroad Athletics team and gain Courtney as their trusted partner in pursuit of their best self. 


Courtney’s coaching experience began at Fairfield University as an Assistant Coach to the Stags NCAA DI Cross Country program. She quickly found a passion for using her own DI XC athletic experience to help her former teammates achieve their goals and branched out to coaching distance runners across the United States.


While most college athletes run Cross Country in the fall and Track in the spring, Courtney’s athletic experience was a little different. With Fairfield being a Cross Country-only program, Courtney began running marathons during the spring season. It was here she discovered her love for running and a talent for sharing her journey with others. 


Through sharing her journey on Instagram, Courtney soon developed a loyal following of fellow runners who related to her transparent storytelling. From the admirable highs of Marathon PR’s to the relatable lows of struggling through injuries and low motivation, every runner can find a piece of their own running journey reflected @court.marathon.runner.


As an athlete. Courtney is a 4x Marathoner & Boston Qualifier with a 2:51 PR.

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