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Why Railroad?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Do you run?

If you do, you’re probably well aware of a big problem.

It is ridiculously difficult for athletes without a collegiate or professional running background to find quality coaching.

You could Google your questions, but how can an online article possibly consider the many unique variables in your life and training? If you’re a new athlete it can be even harder. Sometimes you're not even sure the right questions to ask.

On the other hand, some of you serious athletes out there are paying for an online "coach" with some cookie cutter plan for the average Joe. But athletes aren’t average, that’s why you started running in the first place!

To fix this, Railroad Athletics provides an individualized, process-oriented coaching service for distance athletes with goals and grit.

Railroad goes three stops beyond every other service. With us, if your coach isn't sleeping or running, they are available to answer your questions, take your calls, and meet with you in person.

Here, you’ll work with a coach with half a decade of NCAA Division I experience who has all the tools necessary to help you reach your athletic goals. Tell us your goals, and we'll make a plan to achieve them. Mention this article, and we’ll take 50% off your first month.


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