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Assistant Coach

The newest member of our coaching staff, Merritt Vaughn joins us to help us grow our Austin, TX based team.

On theme with the rest of the Railroad coaching staff, Merritt found his love for the sport towards the end of High School. He began coaching up and coming kids in his hometown of Amarillo, TX pulling early influence from books by Brad Hudson & Jack Daniels. He quickly found himself obsessed with different training styles and spent the next several years studying everything he could find while slowly developing his own style.

Merritt is a big believer in pulling your resources and thus has brought two specialists along with him. Zach Daniel, head men’s and women's distance coach at West Texas A&M and Josh Daniel, Strength & Conditioning coach for hundreds of athletes across the country.
Together, this trio of coaches are looking to help some motivated, goal oriented individuals reach their potential.

Recent success stories:

Isaac McGill
5000m: 14:48
3200m: 9:00 (from 10:04)
1600m: 4:15 (from 4:39)
Currently at the University of Portland

Miles Cox
3200m: 9:13 (from 10:24)
1600m: 4:24 (from 4:49)
Currently at the University of Houston

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